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Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 - is a post-apocalyptic zombie shooter with a fairly realistic graphics. This exciting sequel to the game will appeal all fans of this kind of games, where you need to turn these zombies into corpses. The essence of the game remains the same as in the first part, but the second version changed the gameplay. The sight point aiming became easier in the form of circle sight, location and appearance of zombies has also changed, becoming more city like. Appearance is the only thing to change about zombies. Just like in previous part with each new level they will become faster and stronger. New weapons and new opportunities appeared in the second part of the great game. Your task is to purge the city from a great number of living dead, who want to turn you in the same creature as they are. At the very beginning of the game there is a map in front of you on which various locations are opened gradually. Your aim is to destroy zombies in all areas with a question mark. In the game you defend your house from zombies that are attacking with “waves”; you can improve your characteristics, buy new weapons, build a house, and much more. The first weapon of the protagonist is a gun that constantly has to be recharged. It can be upgraded or used in conjunction with another weapon found. Buy improvements that increase your combat characteristics. In the store you can always find new weapons with higher destructive power, starting with onions, finishing with a machine gun. Sometimes you can find survivors who might become loyal assistants. Your ultimate goal is to survive and help others survive! Even after biological disaster due to which all the people on earth turned into bloodthirsty zombies, there is still a small group of people ready to fight back. Gather people looking for weapons, protect and repair the base. Our history began with only one hero who did not give up. He decided to defend himself and to save those who need his help. Thus, very quickly he will gather a team of people around him who are able not only to hold the defense, but also to establish a new life. The task than is to direct them. Each found person has different abilities of search, repair and protection. Therefore, wisely pick tasks for them. During the battle with the monsters, you will see a meter of rage at the bottom. When it is filled, press the spacebar. It activates a fury mode that will give you the opportunity of improved zombie killing for a certain period of time. You need to hold positions for 40 days until help from outside comes. You will need a steady hand and precise shots to survive the zombie apocalypse! Do not let the hungry zombies come closer. Mercilessly shoot any and preferably in a head. Search for new weapons in nearby areas, first aid kits and survivors. Control of the game: Aim and fire - mouse, switch weapons - Q, the assassination mode - spacebar to charge - R, launch set bombs - 1-3, changing the shooting mode - F, pause - P.

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